7 Celebrities that Play Fantasy Football


Male, female, rich, poor, smart, stupid, athletic or not; the fantasy football gods favor no one.  It’s one of the few platforms in life that celebrities and the average Joe alike can have an even playing field. It’s hard to imagine that celebrities spend their precious time scouring the web for fantasy football tips and tricks, but as the sport itself has gained exponential popularity, many of the biggest names in Hollywood have flocked to it. Here’s a list of some of the most well-known celebrities signing up for fake football in recent years. 

  1. Jerry Ferrara

Jerry Ferrara? Let me rephrase that. Turtle from Entourage. “Ohhhhhhhh!” Yes, Ferrara is not only a die-hard New York Giants fan, but is super serious about fantasy football. When asked about the hobby, Ferrara said, “I’m a junkie.” He’s been featured on Matthew Berry’s fantasy football podcast, the “06010”, numerous times and plays in three separate leagues with Entourage co-star Kevin Connelly and other well known celebs such as Bobby Flay. 

  1. Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

The former That ‘70s Show star, Ashton Kutcher not only has a long time fantasy football obsession but even created his own online fantasy football advice show. There were rumors that Kutcher actually hired someone on his staff to do research when he can’t. While I don’t believe Moore shares Kutcher’s enthusiasm for the game, she did join a league with him when the two were married. 

  1. Jon Hamm

It was a late night in August and Hamm just finished shooting scenes for his hit show Mad Men when he raced to his annual fantasy football draft to find out he had been kicked out of the league. Hamm, along with Bill Simmons, Jimmy Kimmel’s cousin and a few other buddies play a survivor league, where one member, for no particular reason gets chosen by the previous year’s winner to face a one-year ban.  "I heard your reaction was that you looked at them, you drank your beer, you said no words, you packed your stuff, you walked right out." That was Jimmy Kimmel reciting Hamm’s reaction when he hosted Jon on his late night talk show. 

  1. Kendra Wilkinson, Jaime Edmondson & Pilar Lastra

When you think of these three Playboy models, a certain type of fantasy probably pops into your mind. Fantasy football? Probably not. All three ladies are not only football fans in their own rights but have joined the massive fantasy football following. The most well known of the three, Kendra Wilkinson plays in a league with her husband and former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett. Jaime Edmondson is committed enough to take the reigns as the commissioner of her league amongst friends and Pilar Lastra has been part of the SiriusXM Celebrity Fantasy Football draft. 

  1. Paul Rudd

In one of Paul Rudd’s many hit movies, Knocked Up, his character sneaks away from his wife to join his friends and partake in a fantasy baseball league. Ironically, this couldn’t be closer to the 46-year old actor’s actual life. An enormous fantasy football fan, Rudd was featured in a “Hollywood Reporter” article based on fantasy football back in 2011. 

“As soon as fantasy comes around, I'm on websites going: 'Oh, what's my draft position? Do I go running back, or do I try to maybe mix it up and draft a quarterback in the first round, which I've never done?' And then I'll stop myself and say, 'God, what is wrong with me?' "says Rudd. "One of the big complaints that my wife would have with me was she'd say, 'I'm so sick of looking at your back,' because I was just on the computer."

It’s a feeling any true fantasy footballer understands. Keep on keeping on, Paul. 

  1. Maurice Jones-Drew

I’m not sure it was even legal for Jones-Drew, the former All-Pro Jacksonville Jaguar running back, to play fantasy football while he still played in the NFL. Legal or not, nothing was stopping Jones-Drew from getting on the computer to dabble in some fake football. The funniest thing about Jones-Drew is, as confirmed by various league members, he would choose himself with his first round pick every single year. Some years he undoubtedly deserved it, others he was projected as a fourth, maybe fifth round pick. Didn’t matter. I guess you have to believe in yourself or no one else will. 

  1. Seth Meyers

The actor, comedian and head writer for Saturday Night Live is no stranger to the fantasy football scene. He frequently takes to Twitter to talk strategy and vent his frustrations when his team isn’t playing up to par. Meyers and his friends met up one weekend in Colorado to host their annual fantasy football draft. He would return home with a bruised eye and a broken nose. No, not from fantasy football. They decided to play a game of street hockey and things didn’t go accordingly. It was rumored that ESPN tried to reel Meyers in to host a fantasy football show on their network, how epic would that of been?

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