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If your Fantasy Football League isn't starting 2 QBs, you're doing it wrong

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Does your fantasy football league utilize a 2 Quarterback or SUPERFLEX format? If not, it should

So, you're considering switching to a 2 QB format for your fantasy football league? Congratulations, my friend! You're about to take your league to the next level.

Sure, some people may scoff at the idea of starting two quarterbacks every week, but those people are probably still using blackberries and listening to CDs. Here are just a few reasons why you should embrace the 2 QB format and then start day dreaming about what witty quarterback name you should add to your Fantasy Football Trophy this season

It makes the draft more interesting

Let's be real, the first round of most fantasy football drafts is pretty predictable. You know the big names - Patrick Mahomes, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen - are all going to go early. But with a 2 QB format, the entire draft becomes a lot more unpredictable. Suddenly, quarterbacks who would normally be backup options become starters, and you have to decide whether to grab them early or take a chance that they'll still be there later. It's like playing a game of musical chairs, but with quarterbacks.

It adds a new level of strategy

In a standard league, most people just draft one quarterback and then forget about it. But in a 2 QB league, you have to pay much more attention to the quarterback position throughout the season. Do you go all-in on two elite quarterbacks early, or do you take a more balanced approach and grab two mid-tier options? And what happens if one of your quarterbacks gets injured? Suddenly, you're scrambling to find a replacement on the waiver wire. It's like playing a game of chess, but with quarterbacks.

It brings more players into the mix

Let's face it, in a standard league, there are a lot of players who just don't matter. Your backup quarterback? Irrelevant. Your backup kicker? Who cares. But with a 2 QB format, suddenly those backup quarterbacks become valuable commodities. And if you're lucky enough to snag a backup quarterback who ends up becoming a starter, you look like a genius. It's like playing a game of... well, it's still football, but with more players involved.

It leads to more trash talk

Ah, trash talk. It's the lifeblood of any fantasy football league. And with a 2 QB format, there's even more opportunity for trash talk. Did someone reach for a quarterback too early? Mock them relentlessly. Did someone start a backup quarterback who put up big numbers? Let them hear it. The more quarterbacks involved, the more opportunities for trash talk. It's like... well, it's still trash talk, but with more quarterbacks involved.

It's just more fun

At the end of the day, that's what fantasy football is all about, right? Having fun. And with a 2 QB format, there's just something inherently more fun about the whole thing. Maybe it's the added unpredictability. Maybe it's the added strategy. Or maybe it's just the fact that you get to start two quarterbacks every week. Whatever it is, it just makes the whole thing more enjoyable. It's like playing... well, it's still football, but with more enjoyment involved.

In conclusion, if you're on the fence about switching to a 2 QB format for your fantasy football league, take the plunge. Sure, there may be some skeptics out there, but they're probably still using MySpace and watching VHS tapes. Embrace the 2 QB format, and get ready for a whole new level of fantasy football fun.

Strategies for Playing in 2 QB format leagues

Playing in a 2 QB format fantasy football league can be a bit challenging, but with the right strategies, you can dominate your league. Here are some strategies for playing in a 2 QB format fantasy football league:

  1. Prioritize Quarterbacks Early: In a 2 QB league, quarterbacks are extremely valuable, so it's important to prioritize them early in the draft. Consider drafting at least one quarterback in the first or second round to secure a solid starter.

  2. Get Your Second Quarterback Early: In a 2 QB league, it's important to have two solid quarterbacks to start each week. Make sure you get your second quarterback before the later rounds of the draft, as the depth of the position will be thin.

  3. Know Your League Scoring: Understand your league's scoring system, as it may differ from standard leagues. In some 2 QB leagues, passing touchdowns are worth more than in standard leagues, which makes quarterbacks even more valuable.

  4. Look for QBs with Rushing Upside: Quarterbacks who can run the ball have a higher floor and ceiling. Consider targeting quarterbacks like Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, or Josh Allen, who can both pass and run the ball effectively.

  5. Don't Neglect Other Positions: While quarterbacks are important in a 2 QB league, don't neglect other positions. Make sure you are still drafting running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends who can contribute to your team.

  6. Keep an Eye on Bye Weeks: With two starting quarterbacks, it's important to keep an eye on their bye weeks. You don't want to be caught without a starter during a critical week.

  7. Consider Streaming Quarterbacks: If you don't have two solid quarterbacks on your roster, consider streaming the position. Look for matchups where quarterbacks are likely to have success, and pick up a quarterback off the waiver wire to start that week.

These are just a few strategies for playing in a 2 QB format fantasy football league. Remember, each league is different, so be sure to adapt your strategy to your league's specific scoring system and rules.

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