1. Logo/Image must be Black/White only!! We cannot engrave in color.
2. For optimal results, please upload file in vector format with font converted to outlines
3. At minimum, we will need a High Res image (PNG or JPG)

$35 X

For those DIYers, we now offer custom logo engraved plaques for the mid-plate of any of our Championship Belts! 

  • Available in either Black/White or Black/Gold
  • The engraving area for the full mid-plate plaque measures 3.52"(width) x 3.02" (height)
  • For best results, it is recommended to send file in EPS or AI format. (Never heard of them? This option probably isn't for you cowboy) A high resolution JPG, PNG or PDF will also work in a pinch
  • Logo must be black only with white background (any color logos will be automatically rejected)
  • In addition to logos, this option can be used for full plate engraving of your previous champions in a custom format created by you (see sample image). We are unable to make any future additions to this plaque once engraved. *If future additions are needed, a local trophy shop/engraver may be able to assist you.
  • PLEASE NOTE - this is for the plaque only and does not include the blank mid-plate (additional plates available here)