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Hey Brother.. We know why you're here. You are looking for the most epic Fantasy Football Championship Belt on the face of this planet. Good news - you've found it.

You may not have spandex pants, 24" pythons, or a Golden Boy tan - but that shouldn't stop YOU from being the Undisputed, World Heavyweight Champion of your Fantasy Football League this season. The gang here at FantasyJocks has created a league prize that is actually worth going over the top ropes for. We've built the Ultimate Fantasy Football trash talking tool and managed to keep it affordable in the process.

  • Fantasy Championship Belts available in Black/Gold, White/Gold, Black/Silver & White/Silver
  • Belt measures 53" long and is constructed of a quality, PU leather material
  • Front Plate is a massive 12"w x 9.5"h embossed METAL buckle with enamel paint
  • (2) 4" Midplates ( 1- FantasyJocks Mid-Plate, 1 Blank)
  • (2) 3.5" Metal End Plates (left end plate is blank / right plate says "Champion")
  • Plates are attached with 5 small screws and are easily removed. Additional/Repacement Plates available here
  • To order laser engraved plaques for the blank mid-plates, please visit the engraved championship plaques page

Ladies and Gentlemen...IT'S TIME!!.... to stop passing around your geek'd out, wannabe Shiva, pathetic excuse of a fantasy football trophy and start showing some true league pride with this one of a kind Fantasy Football Belt. Order today and then be sure to tell those losers in your league to eat their vitamins and say their prayers, because it's not going to be easy to get you off the top of the mountain.


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