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Hall of Fame has the Gold.. Master's has the Green..and from this day forward, Fantasy Football has the Burgundy. We're proud to introduce this exclusive Fantasy Football Jacket of Champions.

Brand new for the 2015 season, this limited edition Fantasy Football Trophy Jacket was created for a more distinguished Fantasy Champion. We realize that explaining a Championship Belt to your wife or girlfriend can be a daunting task. Now when she sees you leaving for your next draft dawning this ensemble, she'll know all the countless hours you've spent managing have finally paid off. You've made it.

Working closely with legendary designer Jin Bo Shi (known by some as "Baby Versace"), we created the most coveted fantasy award that has ever existed.

  • Men's Burgundy Jacket with hand sewn Fantasy Football Champion Patch
  • Currently available in L, XL, & 2XL 
  • **Warning! Jin Bo apparently drinks less than we do, meaning these jackets fit a little on the slim sideWe'd recommend sizing up +1 for a little breathing room.
  • Larger sizes will be available later this season

From our league to yours.."Stay Classy"..

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