5 of the Best Fantasy Football Sites to Host your League (Updated for 2023)

5 of the Best Fantasy Football Sites to Host your League (Updated for 2023)

Whether you are starting a brand new league in 2023 or are just trying to breathe some life into an older league that feels a bit stale, now is the time to consider switching over to a new platform.

Regardless of where you decide to host your league, we HIGHLY recommend hosting a live Off-line Draft to start your season. Snag a Fantasy Football Draft Board early to avoid any delays!


fantasy football draft board kit

In no particular order, here are 5 of the Best Fantasy Football Sites to Host your League this season.

Best Fantasy Football Sites in 2023

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo Fantasy Football is one of the first mainstream free fantasy football hosting platforms, and has been a pillar of Fantasy Sports for a long time. One of the best features is the real time stat tracking, which means no more refreshing your phone or tablet every 30 seconds. Not to mention this platform is free to use.

Whether you use a desktop, tablet, or phone, you won’t have any issues getting logged on through the website or the app. Along with being one of the most popular platforms to use, it’s also one of the easiest to use.


Yahoo Fantasy Football is one of the most popular fantasy football platforms out there, and for good reason. It's easy to use, has a wide range of customization options, and is completely free. You can create leagues for both standard and PPR scoring, and there are options for both head-to-head and total points scoring. Yahoo also offers a mobile app, making it easy to manage your team on the go.

ESPN Fantasy Football

Similar to YAHOO, ESPN has a large piece of the fantasy pie. It’s big, it’s red, it’s flashy, but at its core, ESPN Fantasy Football exemplifies simplicity. The FFL Toolkit itself is a reason to host your league on ESPN. Arguably the most interesting tool is the customizable ranking “report Cards” sent out weekly, recapping that weeks games, making for some excellent trash talk!

ESPN Fantasy Football is also a free platform, which allows your league to save money for... I don’t know, maybe a badass fantasy football ring? For some, the website can appear overly flooded with advertisements and a bulky amount of information and articles. But for others, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Similar to YAHOO, the ESPN website and app both work great on a desktop, tablet or smart phone.

Bottomline: ESPN Fantasy Football is another popular platform, and it's known for its user-friendly interface and robust customization options. You can create both standard and PPR leagues, and there are options for both head-to-head and total points scoring. ESPN also offers a mobile app, so you can manage your team from anywhere. The only downside is that some features, such as the draft board, are only available to ESPN+ subscribers.

It's free, simple, easy to engage league members. Great message board features to keep the trash talk flowing. Solid mobile app if you can get past the ads and crowded info.


One of the new fantasy football league hosting options is the SleeperApp. The SleeperApp gives you the ability to set up redraft, keeper, and dynasty leagues with ease. SleeperApp also has their own chat within the app, which is a great way for the league commissioners to keep in communication with the league.

One place for all announcements and/or league notifications, which include notifications when a player is added, dropped, or if a trade has gone through in your league. SleeperApp is an interesting fantasy site because it focuses on crowdsourced opinions, reposted material, multiple chat channels and a simple drafting interface. Another cool feature the SleeperApp offers is a “Weekly Report” for each league. Every week, the Weekly Report will highlight the best lineups, worst lineups, studs and duds which adds another layer of competition between league members.

We believe SleeperApp’s strength is that it streamlines fantasy football leagues and improves communication via the league chat - leaving very few excuses for league members to not set their lineup each week. Website works great on desktops, and the SleeperApp has an amazing application for tablets or mobile devices.

Bottomline: Sleeper is a newer fantasy football platform, but it's quickly gaining popularity thanks to its innovative features and sleek interface. It's completely free to use, and you can create both standard and PPR leagues. Sleeper also offers a variety of unique features, such as "bot" messaging that allows you to set up automated messages to your league mates, and an option to play out the fantasy football playoffs in a "best ball" format. The mobile app is also highly praised for its user-friendly design.

Free, easy to engage league members, and loads of different channels to find fantasy football advice/info. Amazing message board/chat to engage the rest of your league, and an amazing app that allows you to personalize the push notifications so you are not bombarded with useless information while still staying up to date on breaking developments.

NFL Fantasy

The NFL has done a lot to embrace fantasy sports as a key component to the league’s popularity. Everything from mandating that fantasy stats be shown in stadiums, to hosting the official fantasy football service of the NFL. NFL Fantasy Leagues are free, and the look/feel is clean and engaging.

The website and tablet/mobile app flows very well and makes sense to even the newest of users, which means there is never an excuse for not using the waiver wire or setting your lineup.

Bottomline: Free, customizable, and a solid user interface with simple navigating. The consistency of the mobile app and the overall ease of use make the NFL.com a great place to host your league.


MyFantasyLeague, more commonly known as MFL, has been gaining crazy popularity in recent years given their highly sophisticated and unique hosting platform. Let me tell you up front, there is a price tag that comes with MFL hosting your fantasy league. But if your league is in for the long haul, meaning dynasty, keeper, or very specific league rules and settings, MFL is the best way to go. Besides, what’s an extra bucks per league member?

They offer essentially anything you can think of. The layout may initially seem hectic and might take some time getting used to, but once you get into the swing of things, you’ll be happy you spent the few extra bucks. MFL website is a little dated but they also offer an app if you use a tablet or mobile device.


MyFantasyLeague is a platform that's geared towards more advanced fantasy football players who want a high level of customization. It's not as user-friendly as some of the other platforms on this list, but it offers a wide range of customization options, including the ability to create dynasty leagues and customize scoring rules. MyFantasyLeague also offers a mobile app, making it easy to manage your team on the go.

Ridiculously customizable, great for Dynasty/Keeper leagues. Takes a little getting used to. Costs $$

In conclusion, there are a lot of great fantasy football platforms out there, but these are the top 5 that stand out for their features, ease of use, and reliability. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned fantasy football player, these platforms offer something for everyone.

Have a suggestion not listed here? We'd love to hear where your league plays!

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  • Jeff Reuer
Comments 37
  • Landsharks

    Our league has been with MFL for double digit years. I am getting ready to move from them. They just don’t do enough anymore to update and improve. They don’t have a way to automatically seed playoff teams if their is more than one division. They have no plan for the 2021 NFL schedule change. They do not support 2 week championship games without the commissioner manually adjusting scores. Their fantasy schedule generator is subpar oftentimes having teams play each other in consecutive weeks.

    They were the best for several years. Now it seems like they heard that and took a step backwards.

  • Quentin

    What is the best league for IDP 2QB PPR Dynasty Teams with 50 roster spots and has the option to use FAAB? My league is currently on ESPN, but they can only do a 40 man roster and doesn’t have FAAB.

  • Joseph

    Pick 5 (five) games each week against the spreed (ATS) all 17 games plus NFL Playoffs right till the Superbowl. Prizes is a percentage of contestants that enter the contest. Only top 15 will enter the Playoffs and compete for the top prize. In the contest there will be a choice of selections of which of one will be detriment. The winner will receive 10% of the prize pool in week 17. No Thursday Night Football Games. Details as follow:

    Best overall record first 8 weeks

    Worst overall record last 8 weeks

    Top favourite best ATS record percentage %

    Top underdog best ATS record percentage %

    Last place in the Contest Percentage under 50% to win. record about 25 pts or better.

    Best overall record with a winning streak

    This will be a vote when you enter the contest. Only one selection will be determiner for the contest. The winner will receive 10% of the prize pool. Good luck. Please email NFDKL@outlook.com with any questions. Results will be sent by email in week 2.

    Every week I will send a email with overall standings and weekly supercontest card. One entry qualify to enter. $60 (cdn) Please go to Paypal for payment option. (Paypal Only). Playoff starts, top 15 will compete with ats and over/under. Every game including the playoffs is only 1 point. Deadline for the contest September 8th 2020.

    Prize Payout (100%) No fees acquire.

    SuperContest Winner – 30%
    Runner-up – 20%
    3rd – 12%
    4th – 8%
    5th – 4%
    6th to 15th – 2%
    Selection Prize – 10%



    I am looking for an app that will allow 12 team league with 2 wins a week one for head to head and another for the top scoring teams.

    I also wan to have control over the playoff bracket to design it the way i want it

    Any ideas?

  • Dwayne Campbell
    Dwayne Campbell

    I want to create my own best ball league. Can anyone advise on a good free site that hosts?


  • rfrenter

    I now have one opening for my 12 team ppr fantasy football league. I am looking for someone who wants to actively participate. This will be the 9th year the league has been around.

    Join Here: http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=384361
    League ID: 384361
    League Password: NFL

  • Weezy Baby175
    Weezy Baby175

    Want to run a league which part Survivor part Fantasy Football. Basically we will draft snake style, league will be points based. Every week lowest scoring team is eliminated and their roster put back in free agency, each team will have $200 auction money for the season to pick up players.
    Is there a site or app that would allow me to run such a league?

  • Joe

    I used NFL.com last season. The interface for placing custom league articles with images was painful and inconsistent. I enjoyed the rest of the site. So if you like writing articles for your league, NFL.com is not your choice.

  • Lance B
    Lance B

    What is the best site for Live online Auction drafts? Had technical issues with 5 years in a row and looking for a new site??

  • Muhammad

    The Sleeper.app should definitely be number 1. Switched over from another platform and I’m absolutely loving it.n

  • Mary Hickey
    Mary Hickey

    I’ve run my league on Yahoo for all 7 (I think) years, but am looking for something else. Last year, I had a manager waive a player — then Yahoo let him pick the player right back up, without putting the player through the waiver process. I can’t event tell you how many days the server was down, or I couldn’t get in to set my lineup if I had waited until Sunday because of injury concerns. Two years ago, I tried to set up a pay-for-play league and Yahoo wouldn’t let half my managers pay up; I don’t know what happened to the rest of the owners’ money. Just now, after I went to the FF page under my name, there “was a problem with the server” and I was asked to “Please try later.” Seriously? Training camps haven’t even opened! I’m done, but don’t know where to turn. We’re a ten-team, standard league with some specialized rules. Suggestions?

  • William McBride
    William McBride


  • Stephen

    Anyone have any luck/experience with a platform that supports a battle royale style of play ?
    I’m wanting to experiment next year with an all team vs all team week to week system which eliminates the happen stance weekly loss to the one team flukes that had better scoring.
    Any help is appreciated

  • Al

    NFL.com is absolutely trash. Site was down this year on the last Sunday before the regular season started. No drafts on the most popular draft day. Waiver wire messes up regularly. For example, at 2am every player came off waivers but waivers didn’t go threw for 3 more hours. This is the norm for them.

  • Bill

    The NFL site is trash. The site management people or absolutely no help. Whenever you have a question all they do is send a canned response every time and then they do their disappearing act. Do yourself a favor play somewhere else.

  • michael

    CBS is CRAP! By far the worst site we ever held a league on – been in hundreds. This site is a complete waste of money!

  • Drew

    MFL Public leagues are closed.
    What are my options for leagues?

  • Kdog

    Sleeper/Sleeperbot is wayyyy better than yahoo and most of the others on that list lol. Runs really smooth on my phone and has way better features for leagues imho

  • Charles InOakland
    Charles InOakland

    I’ve only played on NFL.com and for many years and am surprised that so many people sign up and don’t participate. I don’t know if that’s the way it is in fantasy league in general but it’s very common on that site.

  • Steven Farely
    Steven Farely

    Sleeperbot just came out with season-long fantasy football leagues as well. I just got my dynasty league to switch to it this year, and it is awesome! Highly recommend it over the other platforms.

  • Eric Wetzel
    Eric Wetzel

    Im shocked that Fantrax is no where to be found. I have used every one of these sites,and aside from MFL, Fantrax is by far above all the other ones.

    That is my opinion anyways. It’s worth about as much as a bowl of candy and nuts…but there it is.


  • Lyle

    I’m always surprised at the support for yahoo fantasy. granted they are not the worst, but they are in no way the best. espn was head and heels above all other free sites for many years, at one point players could have their own profiles and friend network, they had the best fantasy forums and ease in communicating with other players. they then became enamoured with facebook and closed down their forums and reduced member profiles , did away with the successful infrastructure they had created. disneys new tos c. 2009 crippled espn fantasy sports badly. as of 12/2017 they no longer allow user html on custom league pages. the cartoonlike logos and child-like approach of espn mimics yahoo. espn was once a giant in fantasy but now they aren’t much better than yahoo. the league http addresses do not change from season to season though, so that is one thing they still have over yahoo. if you have a webpage linking to your leagues this is fairly signifcant. rotoworld is the place to go for forums and leaguefinder services. if rotoworld were to open up leauges i would probably migrate to them, as recruitment and communication with prospective managers would be easier. but to recap my initial statement, yahoo sucks and espn appears to be going down the same road. rotoworld needs to make leagues.

  • joe

    been a couple years since I’ve done FF, but MFL was by far the best and worth the $. ESPN is bearable for free. I do recall yahoo sucked, never used NFL.com

  • Dave

    NFL site is lousy. If thats easy navigation, then im a 6’9" power forward. Im in 3 leagues and i hate the nfl site.

  • dont worry about it
    dont worry about it

    Yahoo is absolute trash, the only site i’ve ever used that i actually hate. Passionately hate yahoo, the list of reasons is way too long to get into but yahoo sucks. Have to use it every year for one league i’m in and it pisses me off every week.

  • Robert

    Trying to find a basic draft tracking software without all the extras. Just click and drop once a pick is made. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  • Ed Woods
    Ed Woods

    Pro Patches USA does this too. Nice and easy and basic for anyone.

  • Bill

    I agree with Steve Roach the NFL Site is horrible. Easy navigation my a**.

  • RobBob

    MyFantasyLeague.com (a.k.a. MFL) has been our host for 20+ years, and while not as flashy as some others you won’t find a more customizable site. The scoring options are almost mind-boggling.
    They also boast absolutely top-notch customer support. I’ve emailed them at least a dozen times with questions and ALWAYS got an answer within 24 hours – frequently in less than 12.
    It does take some getting used to. Some of the functions/setups are not overly intuitive (at least to me) – especially from a Commissioner standpoint. I’m sure it’s due to having to handle all the customization. But once you learn it, it does everything.
    Yes, it $69/year (if you get in on the early-June discount), but divide that among your teams and for < $8/year it’s well worth the support and not having to put up with ads & pop-ups.


  • Joe

    Trying to start a league were you trade rounds picks

  • Hugo C.
    Hugo C.

    The question is, if you have a keeper league with a history, which platforms provide you the ability to import all your league records and stats?

    I haven’t found one other than MFL.

  • CoachK

    NFL.com is complete fail this year. Their android apps are so useless this year, it numbs the mind. Bugs in large league (14) rankings. teams with tied records just seem to be randomly ranked, completely ignoring the normal rules tiebreakers. Whats worse is that there is no response to e-mail and announcements addressing these issues, leaving comish to wonder if this is going to go on all season? If I someone survive this year, I’m done with NFL.com. Any of the others appear to be a much better choice, although I did see on twitter that ESPNs app wasn’t functioning either.

  • Steve Roach
    Steve Roach

    NFL.com is the worst of the fantasy sites by far. They use madden simulations for their projections. Which is absurd and the site does not support trades unless they are one to one deals. So no two to one or three to one trades.

  • Aaron Hootman
    Aaron Hootman

    Held a private league draft on Yahoo 5, September 2016. Draft order was locked by commissioner prior to draft date. Yahoo arbritraily changed draft order in second round. So I had the 4th pick in first round and last pick in second round. Cannot find customer support link on Yahoo to even offer complaint. Yahoo not recommended.

  • Matt

    Thanks for your blog. I’ve been using My Fantasy League for a long time, but I want to be able to move over to a free service to pay out more money to the league. The thing I like about My Fantasy is the ability to customize scoring for EACH position…do you know if any other Hosts feature this ability?

    Thank you!!

  • Orion mccants
    Orion mccants

    Which of theses allow you to have a 20 man league with 10 on each side and able to have the winner in each league play each other for a championshi??

  • Terry

    We have a Fantasy League going on 30+ years old. We would like to customize rules and scoring. Is this doable? What is the cost?



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