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2017 Kits will be Shipping Sep 13th

The Executive isn't a fantasy draft board, it's a turnkey solution. If you're ready to get carried out of your draft on the shoulders of your fantasy comrades, then this is your jam.

 Included in Kit:

  • Fantasy Basketball Draft Board (10, 12, or 16 Team League Size - 24 Rounds)
  • Over 400 4" x 1"  color coded Player Labels (PG, SG) (SF, PF) & (C)*
  • FantasyJocks Black Snap-back Trucker Hat 
  • Koozies for each league member (Not only will your beverage stay cold, but you will also be able to sleep easy knowing you didn't get your beer mixed up with that one guy - because let's be honest, Karl's mustache probably has remnants of last night's pizza still left in it.)
  • Championship Trophy 
  • Horse's Ass Trophy (it's a prideful pink)
  • Marker & tape included

 Stay Golden Ponyboy..

*Player List updated as of 9/8/17