We will engrave as many Previous Champions as your league currently has. Please enter them ALL into this box, using / marks to indicate line breaks.
PRESS ENTER to begin new plaque. Our standard engraving format is Year/Owner/Team name.
$95 X

If you're lucky enough to catch an elusive fantasy baseball championship, it's only fitting to cap off the season by catching this limited edition perpetual championship trophy. (Get em while they're hot because once this trophy's gone, it is gone!)

  • Each side of base can hold 8 years of previous Champion plaques (24 years total)
  • Trophy measures nearly 16" tall! Base has 6.5" x "6.5" footprint
  • Includes FREE Laser engraving at time of purchase! Add your league name to the front plate and all previous Champion side plaques
  • Standard engraving format for Previous Champions can be entered as Year/Owner/Team Name. Enter as many Champs as your league has!
  • Future Engraved Championship plaques are available for purchase here