Latest from the Bills Bengals POSTPONED Game (Updated as 1/5/23)

Latest from the Bills Bengals POSTPONED Game (Updated as 1/5/23)

1/5/23 - The Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals game in Week 17 of the NFL season has been postponed due to an incident on the field involving Bills safety Damar Hamlin. Our thoughts are with Damar and his family at this time. From everything we've read he sounds like an incredible man.

That being said, we realize this has created a difficult situation for fantasy leagues that have their championship games this week, as many were counting on players from these teams to contribute to their fantasy matchups.

Both ESPN Fantasy Football and Yahoo Fantasy Football have announced that they will be using the official NFL Gamebook for Week 17 to update the stats and fantasy scores in their games. If the NFL makes any official scoring changes that impact the result of the Week 17 matchup, both websites will retroactively adjust the Week 18 matchups to reflect the change. Payouts for private and public prize leagues will not be processed until a final decision is made by the NFL on the status of the game.

Private league commissioners however have the option to make manual changes using commissioner tools, but both websites are encouraging commissioners to wait until the NFL makes a final decision on the game's status. If the game is declared final and scored as is, all fantasy points will remain as they are. If the game is cancelled and stats are zeroed out by the NFL, all fantasy points accumulated in the game will be zeroed out to reflect the official record. If the game is resumed at a later date, scores will accrue as they normally would for Week 17 matchups, which could impact the Week 17 results and potentially the Week 18 matchups.

It is not yet clear how the NFL will handle the postponed game, but fantasy football managers should be aware of the potential impacts on their leagues and be prepared for possible adjustments to be made to the scoring. 

We strongly recommend waiting to order your year end trophies/plaques until there is further clarity on how the NFL intends to proceed. We will not be able to offer refunds once your trophy is engraved and shipped from our warehouse due to any late scoring changes.


Statement from Yahoo Fantasy


Statement from ESPN Fantasy


How Should You Decide Your League Championship?

Short answer: It is really up to you..

There are a lot of really good articles already written on this topic and we'd like to defer to an OG of the fantasy world (Sigmund Bloom from the FootballGuys) on how you should proceed.

Just a reminder - Be kind to your Commissioner. It's a thankless job



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