How to Host a Successful Fantasy Football Draft Party


The Draft – the highlight of a fantasy football season. If you are the commissioner of your fantasy league this season like I am, I have some quick tips for making sure this year’s draft party is your best one yet.

Get on a Calendar

First and foremost, this is your number one task. Finding a convenient time for all league members to get together in one room is like trying to herd a pack of wild cats. Work/Family/Summer vacations are a commissioner’s worst nightmare. Get an email chain going early, throw out some dates, and hash this out long before preseason begins.

Order a Draft Board

Don’t be the commish that tries to save a few bucks playing arts and crafts the night before. Check out for some really slick looking and affordable draft kits. “The Executive” package is truly a commissioners best friend. It includes your draft board, color coded 1” x 4” Updated Player labels, a timer to keep your draft moving, 2 trophies and a Koosie for each member. (This way that guy who drafted a kicker in the 8th round can still head home feeling like a winner!) Also included is a COMMISH trucker hat so that everyone knows who the boss is on draft day. 

Find a good War Room

Your friends are great, but do you really feel like spending 3 hours packed into a tiny room with little ventilation? Me either. Pick a spot where everyone has a chance to sprawl out a bit, take a seat, and fumble through their “secret” spreadsheets. One of the best and easiest places to hold a draft is a neighbor pub or restaurant, which leads into my final point..

Food and Beverages

Cold drinks and good food are imperative to a successful draft party. Get a variety of snacks and keep it simple. This isn’t the time to show off a new crème brule dish you learned how to make watching the Food Network. Finger foods are best. It’s all about quick calories and hydration so you can focus solely on drafting the most epic fantasy squad in the history of mankind.


Enjoy the draft – because your team will most likely not look any better than it does today.

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  • Dustin Remy
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