Has your league ever talked about getting a Fantasy Football Championship Belt? Well, it's a good thing you waited! Our new FantasyJocks Trophy Belts are currently in production and will begin shipping next month. Add any Draft Kit to your order and use coupon code "MachoMan" to receive $30 off! Offer Expires July 10th (We will have a limited supply of belts ready for the start of the season - Order early to ensure delivery prior to draft day!!)

We also have something special for the Taco of your Fantasy Football league. Our new License Plate Loser award will keep the competition high for avoiding last place & as entertaining as watching the race for the Championship spot. If you have 1-2 league members who seem to check out every season after they fall out of contention, then this scarlet letter might be just what they deserve!

Don't wait until the last minute to order your league's live Fantasy Football Draft Board! 2014 Draft Kits are now shipping!

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